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Mamma Mangia Set

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The Mamma Mangia collection is a very special meaningful jewelry set that can be worn together or individually. Each piece of this special women’s jewelry set represents a different generation of women. 

Each of these beautiful pieces means something different to each person. It may not be your Nonna’s chain or your mother's legacy but you can wear these and be reminded of all of the strong and wonderful women that have come before you.

A message from Mamma Mangia:

We chose to have 3 inspired pieces that can be worn together or separate to represent 3 generations of women who lived separate lives but whose lives are intertwined and dependent upon one another. 

The first piece is the twisted chain. My Nonna had a chain almost identical to this chain that she used to wear. I didn’t know her but I knew she was courageous and she faced trials I will never be able to comprehend. I know she loved me and she loved to cook and care for her family. I feel her spirit with me when I cook and know that she is with me as I recreate her recipes and new dishes of my own. I never feel closer to my Italian ancestors than when I’m cooking. 

The second piece is the Trinacria (trin-ah-cree-uh), the symbol of Sicily which is derived from a myth about three nymphs who danced around the world gathering the best fruit, stones, and soil. They then threw them all into the sea and created the beautiful island of Sicily. This piece represents my Mamma. Sicily is home in her heart and always will be. Her move from Sicily set forth a trajectory in her life that gave more opportunity than she ever could have hoped for. 

The third piece is the Settebello or the lucky seven in Italian playing cards. This piece represents my generation, the daughters of Mamma Silvana. Mamma Silvana has 7 daughters. Each of us is unique in our own way. We are sisters and also friends but we live our own lives with our own experiences and trials. This piece is a reminder that we bring our own luck and even when we don’t have it all together, together we have it all.