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Our mission at Honey + Ice is to create pieces that connect you. We handcraft each piece with the best materials we can find–and design them to create connection and meaning. We hope each piece reminds you that you are born to shine, and that you matter.


Hello, or should we say "HI?"

Honey + Ice is happy to welcome you to our store full of Honey-covered Gold and Icy Silver treasures. These timeless classics can never go out of style, being worn with your Sunday dress, or your favorite pair of jeans. At Honey + Ice you can be assured each piece is crafted with love here in the USA. We are devoted to quality jewelry made from quality materials; a standard we just cannot go back on. 

Taunya Elise has an inner drive to create that is unparalleled. She loves to take on new design challenges and discover novel uses for everyday things. As her distinctive style shows, she is determined to produce fresh, creative and innovative designs, utilizing what is on hand. This resourceful attitude can be traced to her upbringing in a small, rural town, where she and her family thrived from the bounty of their land. At a young age she learned to sew and began designing and making her own clothes.

There is no limit to Taunya’s vision or imagination. She has created items ranging from home furnishings to large furniture pieces. In early 2000 Taunya began designing jewelry as a hobby, fashioning distinct pieces for her daughters, friends and herself. Her jewelry caught the eye of a prominent local designer who convinced her to take her business further. As demand increased locally, Taunya plunged into the retail scene, selling her creations in specialty boutiques and through word-of-mouth customers. Just as her business began to flourish, the oldest of her 4 children, 9 year-old daughter Marley, was diagnosed with leukemia. Taunya put her business on hold for 2 years as her family focused on their new reality. Blessed with a tremendously supportive husband and an amazing support network of extended family and friends, they were able to overcome this heartbreak and emerge victorious, with Marley receiving a clean bill of health. Throughout this trial, Taunya’s passion to create was fueled to even greater heights. In addition to running the occasional marathon, Taunya maintains a healthy mindset by slipping away to her studio for personal design time.

Throughout the years, Taunya has established relationships with vendors from the plains of Africa to the jungles of Asia. Her designs utilize a broad variety of semiprecious stones, mixed metals, and other unique pieces. Taunya’s destiny truly is to create. She has a gift for crafting that special piece that will brighten the lives of others.




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