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The Growth in Me Necklace


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At this time it's just representatives from the village that make the hour long journey into Chiang Mai with their fabricated silver beads and to collect more 99.9% pure silver granules back to the village to fabricate the pieces where it is mixed with a little copper. The silver products produced are typically of a much higher silver percentage than modern sterling silver.


Each tiny bead a step that represents the moments that encouraged your growth. Each positive ray of light of light, each droplet of nourishing rain that fostered the growth within you may seem at first insignificant, but each plays an undeniable part. Let each bead show the growth in you. 

+One Size:  24" with a 2" drop

+Imported Hand-rolled Sterling Silver Seed Beads from Thailand

+Hand-Crafted Sterling Silver Rose Charm

+Gold Hammered Ring

+Sterling Silver and Gold Fill Findings