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Expect Miracles Necklace



"Where there is great love, there are always miracles" -Willa Cather


+STAINLESS STEEL: both the gold AND silver options are stainless steel to ensure they retain their color regardless of how or where you wear them!

+Two lengths are available: 18"-20" and 28"

+Necklace comes with 4 "Miracle Prompt Cards" to help show you the miracles in your life while you're being a miracle in someone else's. 

Customer Reviews

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David Griffiths
Exactly as hoped for

My wife loved both of the necklaces and we are very happy withe the quality.


High quality, just what I was hoping for.

Calie Tomblin
Love it!

I wear my silver Expect Miracles necklace almost everyday. I love it so much. I just got one in gold for my friend for Christmas who noticed me wearing mine so much and loved it too. Its long enough that I can see it throughout the day. Such a good reminder to look for the miracles!

Only 3 stars because of the clasp

I have a couple of pieces of Honey & Ice jewelry, 2 bracelets & 1 necklace. The clasps on all 3 pieces are problematic. They are all very hard to get opened and thus makes it difficult to get on.
I have the bracelet that says "but God" on it. I was so excited to get it but it is almost impossible to get on. The clasp faces the wrong way and because of the design of the bracelet the clasp doesn't swivel.
Everytime i try to put it on it is so frustrating that it has taken the joy out of wearing it.
The necklace clasp is not as bad as the bracelets but it is still trickey to get opened. Other than the clasp the necklace is beautiful and I love it.

A favorite!

I absolutely LOVE my Expect Miracles necklace! It is simple and elegant and reminds me to look for the miracles that God sends in my life. This is a must have piece of jewelry!