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BUT GOD Bracelet

$94.00 $64.00


"There will be moments in life when things feel bigger than our capacity to handle.  Moments where things realistically won’t work out.  You know just how it is.  You know.  And maybe it feels like this hard thing will never end.  Like deliverance will never come.  That miracles have ceased on the Earth.  Those are the moments when you must look for a tiny glimmer of hope.  Those are the times when you must whisper the truth found in Jeremiah 32:17, “Nothing is too hard for my God.”  Against hope, believe in hope my dear friend.  

He is bigger than this.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  Believe.  

Everyone else might say the time for miracles is past.

But God."

--Emily Belle Freeman


+ONE SIZE adjustable

+Sterling Silver side bands

+Gold Plated But God tag

+Gold Fill Jump Rings

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Linda Stucki
Love the meaning of the bracelet!

Love the meaning of the bracelet "But God" but is difficult to put on with one hand. I would wear it more. The clasp has broken twice on me. Fixed it once. Currently needs fixing!


The bracelet is extremely difficult to put on by yourself. I read the other reviews that said that, and I arrogantly assumed I could manage it easily. I couldn't. It is even hard for others to put on me. The clasp needs to be bigger or a different style. The bracelet broke on my second wearing. I'm sure I can fix it, but sort of sad I have to. It is beautiful, but quality and ease of use are just not there.

Love it!

I love the But God bracelet. It's comfortable and very delicate looking you can wear it all the time!!

Heidi S Fullmer
Lovely bracelet

I have enjoyed this delicate bracelet as a reminder that God is always in the details. It reminds me that He isn't far away and it's a gentle reminder to rely on His grace and mercy.

Pamela Wing

BUT GOD Bracelet