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Your Heart, Their Heart SET

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Prayer in Your Heart Necklace


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Chain-Linked Heart Bracelet


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A Daughter's Prayer


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Momma Heart, Daughter Heart SET


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Download the Prayer in Your Heart Project  for a 14 day reflection program to promote community, self-reflection, and spiritual growth.

If you’re looking for a great way to promote community, spiritual growth, and self-reflection, this collection is for you. Inspired by the Prayer in Your Heart project, this collection was created to remind you of God. You can look forward to the future and let go of the past–with God’s help. This beautiful collection of Christian jewelry for women exemplifies and reminds you of this message. 

These religious necklaces and bracelets seek to remind you that you can heal and strengthen hearts through constant communication with God, namely prayer. So, if you’re looking to carry along a little piece of inspiration everywhere you go, this collection of women’s necklaces and bracelets is perfect for you.