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Gold Extender Chains


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Silver Extender Chains


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Zinnia Bracelet


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Floralia Bracelet


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Daisy Drop Earrings


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Dainty layering chain


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The LIVE Collection


A collection inspired by a fresh breath of air, a handful of earth, and the vividness of a flower in bloom. Hand-picked bouquets designed to help you LIVE in color. 

Our LIVE collection was designed in three lines all created to be mingled one with another:

The LIVE line features bright and colorful blooms inspired by the way the world explodes with variation each spring, summer, and fall. LIVE was intended to mimic live bouquets. Instead of gifting someone (or yourself) a bouquet of flowers that wilt and die, consider giving the give of florals that will last, the LIVE bouquets. 

The GROW line centers around silver linings and that no matter how much rain may fall, there is always a silver lining on the horizon. The pieces that belong to the GROW line were designed to be investment pieces. While these pieces do cost more, they are made of the best quality Sterling Silver or Thai Silver (which has an even higher concentration of silver). These pieces are timeless and will last you forever. 

The BEE line is all about the buzz of bee-coming! These affordable chains and pendants celebrate the constant changing of our lives. We pollinate our lives with what we can now, and watch as our abilities, skills, and beings grow into what we later see was meant to be. We know not everyone can afford investment pieces now, but may still want to add something fun to their jewelry layers. These new pieces are perfect additions or beginnings to our becoming.