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The Grow Set

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The evolution of life is present in this set with, The Growth in Me Necklace, A New Leaf Necklace and The Flower Box necklace. We constantly seed, sprout, and then Flower, becoming the beautiful blooms people come for miles to see. 


History of the materials:

Our hand-rolled seed beads are sourced from Hill Tribes in Thailand. The Karen Hill Tribe was encouraged by the late King of Thailand to begin silver-making in order to diversify his people from slash and burn agriculture as well as to adopt more environmentally sustainable farming methods. 

The Thai Silver is a higher percentage than most silver and therefore takes longer to produce. At this time it's just representatives from the village that make the hour long journey into Chiang Mai (the largest city of Northern Thailand) with their fabricated silver beads to sell, and to collect more 99.9% pure silver granules to bring back to the village to fabricate the pieces. This silver is mixed with a little copper but the silver products produced are typically of a much higher silver percentage than modern sterling silver.


Grow Set Includes:

+The Flower Box Necklace

+The Growth in Me Necklace

+A New Leaf Necklace