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Interwoven Blanket

$250.00 $220.00

Wrap up in this blanket this fall for the coziest autumn you've ever had. 

+8 lbs 100% pure merino wool imported from Lithuania

+Approx. 4 1/3 ft x 5 1/3 ft 

The blankets are initially tightly knit so that there is room for them to stretch but prevents them from being too loose after stretch! They stretch to comfortably fit two people or if you're not wanting to share, completely engulf one!

+4 beautiful colors*



+all blankets made to order, please allow for 4 weeks from order to doorstep

+custom colors are available for a fee of $15 (when purchasing please include a note as to which number of color you would like)

+shipping cost included in blanket

+only available to be shipped in the continental US (for now :( sorry for the inconvenience)

*colors are subject to slight variation due to being hand dyed as well as display differences