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Eshet chayil, Hebrew, woman of valor.
Inspired by D&C 25 and Proverbs 31, which talk about the virtue, courage and strength of a righteous women, this charm is a reminder of who God sees in you as an elect daughter in His Kingdom. Every Saturday evening in many Jewish homes, just after the Sabbath candles have been lit, but before the meal is eaten, there is a moment when the woman of the home is honored.  The words for this moment are pulled from Provers 31:10-31, which talk about the virtue, courage and strength of a righteous woman.   It happens every Sabbath Eve.  Once a week. All of the month.  All of the year.  All of the life.  Maybe this charm could become your daily reminder of your strength.
+ Brass charm with antique silver toggle
+ The hand stamp for this piece is still being created. The text you see here represents what it will look like when finished. 
+ Though its shown here with the silk wrap, it can also be worn with the sterling silver necklace shown with the RESTORE and charis necklaces. 
Necklace not included. This charm is intended to be an add on charm.