CHARIS necklace


Charis, Greek, grace.
The Greek definition of the word Grace is Charis.  The Strong’s Concordance defines Charis as the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life. His grace is the gift of transformation.  An endowment of strength.  Divine assistance.  An enabling power. The elevating of souls and the healing of hearts. Grace is His favor, and His kindness, and the tenderness with which He extends His mercies. It is His touch on our heart and how we reflect that within our life.  Grace is always there, but we notice it most in our weakness.  In our brokenness. Receiving grace isn’t an event.  It’s a story.  It’s your story intertwining with His strength.  Let this become your reminder.
+ Sterling SIlver chain, lobster clasp, and extender chain.
+ Brass round detail
+ Pewter charm with handstamped “charis”. This charm can be removed and interchanged with other charms offered in this collection.
+ 17”-19” adjustable length 
+ necklace and charm included