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Red Dot Bracelet


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Courage Rising // Here’s to the courageous hearts.who.are.rising. each and every day. The ones who Recognize the gift of both joy + pain. Who move forward even in the mess of it all. Sometimes stumbling, and sometimes with ease. But always moving forward with gratitude, beauty, love, compassion, and light!

Strengthening our courage, rising to whatever occasion we’re given, and getting up every single day + moving forward regardless of fear and doubt.

There are two color pallets: iolite blue and red ruby. Both of them bring out the best in us, and exemplify the feeling of COURAGE RISING.

Pictured, Red Ruby
+ruby: strength
+labradorite: companion for change/protection
+orange garnet: optimism

Iolite blue
+iolite: intuition/clarity
+orange garnet: optimism
+topaz: courage